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Forgiveness Stories for Children Help Teach the Power & Blessing of Forgiving

Who benefits most from forgiveness stories for children?

Stories are possibly the best way to teach little children about the power of forgiving. Itís not that children really need to learn forgiveness. After all, they are so naturally forgiving by nature. However, the healing nature of forgiveness is so powerful a principal of love that reinforcing it in the hearts of children through stories is very appropriate. Perhaps forgiveness stories for children benefit the adults who read them as much as (if not more than) the children being read to.

Iptopia Book Cover

"Who will you forgive?", asked the King.
Little Ip looked around. There was no one in all of Iptopia for her to forgive.
"Then how can I learn forgiveness?" She asked.

Among stories about forgiveness for children, Little Ip and The Land of Contrasts is one that emphasizes the role forgiveness plays in the unfolding message of why Christ had to suffer for the sins of humanity.

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In this book we read of how Little Ip, a creature that lives with her fellow Ips in Iptopia, desires to be more like her beloved King. In this story, we learn how Little Ip discovers the challenge of trying to learn a simple thing like forgiveness in a land where there are no villains. How can one learn to forgive in a place where the residents never hurt or offend one another? This concept presents some interesting lessons and a paradigm shift in how we think about forgiveness.

Unlike Any Other Forgiveness Stories for Children Youíve Ever Read

Unlike simpler forgiveness stories for children, Little Ip and The Land of Contrasts goes deeper. The main message of the book isnít so much about forgiveness as it is about answering a complex question about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It came about as a result of my desire to help my children understand why Christ had to suffer. Yet, the story is presented as a parable, so that as young children are engaged with the story, adults will be able to capture a much deeper meaning.

This book challenges us to look at villains in our lives in a different way. We see villains in our lives as friends from a spiritual plane helping us learn lessons that we cannot learn any other way. Whether this is true or not, who knows? By choosing to look at it this way has helped make it easier for me to forgive people or situations in life that hurt me.

Colorful, Fun, and Educational

The book has been colorfully illustrated in watercolor. The characters capture childrenís attention and help move them through the story as Little Ip and her fellow Ips grapple with the problem of being able to learn forgiveness without disturbing the tranquility in Iptopia.

This book is cherished among forgiveness stories for children as well as a must read for anyone desiring to get a fresh new perspective on forgiveness and the atonement of Jesus Christ.
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