Aurora, Colorado movie goer, Justin James desires forgiveness for gunman James Holmes?

Aurora Colorado Gunman - Forgiveness

In this YouTube video I took note when it said Justin’s faith tells him the killer deserves forgiveness.

“We should just forgive.” Justin said. “I mean, we don’t know what he’s going through, we don’t know why he did it.”

Just to preface my comments, it’s not my intent to judge Justin. I have no idea what internal turmoil he may be going thru from his experience.

For me, forgiveness is a personal thing. If something is tearing me up inside with anger or rage, then I can see forgiveness as a means to release and let go. Carrying emotional baggage around only hurts me in the long run and can hold me back from feeling a greater sense of freedom and peace.

Openly “forgiving” perpetrators in situations where one has not been personally harmed in any way, to me seems out of place.

I think there is a difference between the type of forgiveness that one experiences in a private way as a means of freeing themselves of a burden, and forgiveness that is touted openly as something we should do because the bible says so, or as a means to look more righteous in the public eye.

Dennis Prager makes some interesting observations in his article from 1997, “The Sin of Forgiveness”

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