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Forgiveness and the Life of Robin Williams

Robin Williams, the comic genius and actor of great insight who just died, was able to show that deep, deep capacity for connection that can heal, one person to another. Read the full article here.

Gratitude Bucket

What a wonderful idea! Check out this fun way to publicly show your gratitude for someone. Go do it now, you’ll feel good inside and you’ll be happy you took this chance to brighten someone’s day.

Parents an Example of Forgiveness for Layton Family

One thing that came to my mind as I watched this video is why this makes such a newsworthy story. Is forgiveness so uncommon that when it does happen, it turns into a featured news story? What good would it have done for them not to forgive? I suppose that they could have profited from […]

Aurora, Colorado Gunman – Movie Goer Desires Forgiveness?

Aurora, Colorado movie goer, Justin James desires forgiveness for gunman James Holmes? In this YouTube video I took note when it said Justin’s faith tells him the killer deserves forgiveness. “We should just forgive.” Justin said. “I mean, we don’t know what he’s going through, we don’t know why he did it.” Just to preface […]

Forgiveness by Parent of Ohio Shooting Victim

I find this article admirable. It takes something uncommon in human spirit to openly forgive as parents of Ohio school shooting victim, Demetrius Hewlin, did. There are things to learn from experiences like these. It’s always good to see a positive light in the shadow of dark events. God bless you Phyllis Ferguson, for your […]