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The Forgiveness Project – Can You Believe This?

Take a look at this picture. How can you not be moved by this? This may look like just another nice picture of two people, but their story is heartrending and touching. God bless you Katy and Ryan. “Part of being human is rolling up our sleeves and taking an active part in repairing harm” […]

How Hard Is It to Forgive Villians?

The contrast of these two stories begs the question, why does forgiveness seem to be more possible to do for some and not for others?

Stories on Forgiveness for Children

Here are two great stories to share with children on the subject of forgiveness, found on The Executive Mom blog. First, the story from the Bible of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. Second, the story of Corrie Tin Boom who was a prisoner in a German concentration camp durring WWII. Stories like these help […]