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Who is Dixie Andrew?

Dixie was born and raised in Utah. She is number four of seven children, which includes her brother, Jay Ball, the author.

Dixie has written and illustrated her own children's book. "What I'd Like To Be", is a personalized children's book that lets the child imagine over 80 careers from Astronaut to Zebra Caretaker.

"I was greatly influenced in my love for art by my grandmother who loved to paint. I was "hooked" at the age of 10 when she put a paintbrush in my hand, taught me how to mix black and yellow to make the perfect pine green, and to paint a mountain meadow. My fascination continued as other teachers came into my life and gave me wonderful hints and helps along the way. My friends Betty Ann Bingham, and Pat Morey were always there to encourage me. I am grateful for their influence and example.

My Parents were also very encouraging as I loved to draw, color and paint as a child they always made sure we had plenty of paper, crayons coloring books and pencils around the house. My desire is to create art that expresses the joy, peace and gratitude of our Savior for each of us.

JOY, in knowing we are loved, totally and unconditionally for who we truly are.

PEACE, in knowing that because of that great love, Jesus is always near. (Isaiah 50:7) He will help us no matter what.

GRATITUDE, for this beautiful world God has created for us. There is abundance for us all. Take time to smell the roses, watch a sunset, hold the hand of a loved one, count your blessings, DAILY.

My Deep desire is to have my art touch lives, and move them closer to Jesus Christ, the giver of all gifts."

Dixie Andrew, 2008